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logo EROVThe Economic Council for East Flanders is a non-profit association founded in 1955 by the Province of East Flanders. By order of the Province and in accordance with the Development Agency East Flanders (POM) and the economic department of the Province, EROV deploys initiatives and actions in favour of the social economic development of East Flanders.
The mission of EROV is to improve the social economic structure and to support a sustainable economic development of the province of East Flanders. To realise this, EROV supports the management of sme's in the profit, social profit and retail sector, promotes the regional products of East Flanders and supports the image of important sectors such as food & beverage, ornamental horticulture, textile and construction. EROV also enhances entrepreneurship, the cooperation between education and professionals and supports centre management in cities and municipalities.
Since 2003 EROV encourages the use of ICT in sme's, social profit organisations by doing research, seminars and counselling. E-business and ERP are two examples of topics that EROV focused on.

www.erov.be (in dutch)


PROJECT SCHERP: encouraging Enterprise Information Systems in sme's
In the last 4 years EROV created awareness with sme's on the good implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Business/IT alignment, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Social ERP, Business Process Management (BPM) are examples of topics EROV paid attention to. The focus is always on business meets IT. EROV also counselled different sme's in the selection process of Enterprise Information Systems (EIS). Deliberated preparation is the key to success!

www.projectscherp.be (in dutch)


logo UGentGhent University is one of the leading higher education and research institutions in Northern Europe. Located in a historical and student-friendly city in the cultural and economic heart of Europe, Ghent University is an active partner in national and international educational, scientific and industrial cooperation networks. Since Ghent University believes curiosity and ambition are two important elements at the basis of all education and research, multiple opportunities are at the disposal of both students and researchers to stimulate them and encourage a critical approach. This encouraging environment makes Ghent University currently one of the leading institutions of higher education and research in the Low Countries.


Department of Management Information and Operations Management
The department of Management Information and Operations Management is one of the seven research departments of the faculty of Economics and Business Administration. Naturally the department is focused on research as well as on education. First of all two research domains – management information science and operations research - can be mentioned covering several research topics such as: business process management, requirements engineering, supply chain management and project scheduling. Secondly, the educative responsibility consists of guiding students, in particular business engineering students, counseling their master theses, lecturing courses and examining the students. On top of this the members of the staff participate in certain service duties other than their educational and research efforts. Reviewing articles for academic journals and being active members of several faculty committees can be mentioned here.



logo IFIPThe International Federation for Information Processing is a non-governmental, not-for-profit umbrella organisation of national learned societies working in the field of Information Technology. It was established in 1960 under the auspices of UNESCO as a result of the first World Computer Congress held in Paris in 1959.
Is the leading multinational, non-political organisation in Information & Communications Technologies and Sciences, recognised by United Nations and other world bodies.
Comprises IT Societies from 56 countries or regions, covering all 5 continents with a total membership of over half a million.
Links more than 3500 scientists from Academia and Industry, organised in 107 Working Groups reporting to 13 Technical Committees
Provides an unparalleled global scientific coverage from theoretical foundations of IT to the relationship between IT and society including hardware, software, and networking technologies
Addresses issues critical to developing countries, such as the application of IT in health, fighting poverty, access to education, environment.



CONFENIS, The Enterprise Information Systems International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of EIS, is a primary international event of the IFIP TC8 Working Group 8.9. IFIP WG 8.9 was inaugurated in 2006 and since then the field of EIS has matured and developed. The time has now come for a more rigid theorizing on EIS. IFIP TC8 was established by the International Federation for Information Processing in 1976 as a Technical Committee dedicated to the field of Information Systems. TC8 aims to promote and encourage the advancement of research and practice of concepts, methods, techniques and issues related to information systems in organisations. TC8 has established eight working groups. In addition to the activities of its working groups, TC8 also organises working conferences, and publishes books through IFIP. TC8 holds an annual National Representatives meeting.



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6th International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems

logo IFIPThe CONFENIS 2012 Conference is a joint effort of the Economic Council for East Flanders, the Ghent University and the IFIP TC8 Working Group 8.9 on Enterprise Information Systems.

The sixth International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of Enterprise Information Systems, CONFENIS 2012, will be held in Ghent, Belgium, September 19-21, 2012. CONFENIS, The Enterprise Information Systems International Conference on Research and Practical Issues of EIS, is a primary international event of the IFIP TC8 Working Group 8.9. This event provides an opportunity for academicians and practitioners throughout the world to gather, exchange ideas, and present original research in the field of enterprise information systems. Scientists and professionals are invited to address the current research topics in the area or the research frontier at this unique international forum.
Accepted papers will be published as full or short papers in a Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing (LNBIP) volume by Springer. Chairman of the conference is prof. dr. Geert Poels, Professor in the rank of Senior lecturer, Department of Management Information and Operations Management, Ghent University.

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